Spray Foam Insulation Chicago Information

Our area experiences extreme temperatures that can range  from  -20 ⁰F. to over 105 ⁰F. in any given year.  Spray foam is the very best product to insulate your home and save as much energy, and money on your utility bills, as possible.  Spray foam is considered a high-performance product and can be installed in your existing home as well as in new construction.  The savings on heating and cooling bills associated with spray foam insulation makes it one of the quickest payback home improvements.

Spray foam performs two important functions at once.  First, it creates an effective air barrier.  Secondly, it produces a thermal envelope.  When these two elements are working together continuously and with the proper alignment, they yield the very best results in terms of your comfort and energy efficiency.

Older homes in the Chicago area are often cited as being cold and drafty.  Spray foam insulation can correct this deficiency and make old homes much more comfortable in the winter as well as in the summer.  Newer homes, that may have had insulation installed when they were built twenty or thirty years ago, may be showing signs of air leakage and cold spots.  This is because, over time, batt and blown-in insulation may lose their loft and have started sagging over time leaving gaps in the thermal barrier.

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We have additional and helpful information on this site about spray foam insulation in Chicago – what it is, how it is installed, types of foam and more.    Learn more about spray foam insulation in the Chicago metropolitan area on this website.  Or, check out this Wikipedia article for the technical overview. Thanks for reading.